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You are unique! 

You deserve a personalized regimen to save you money, time and find comfort!

The Holistic Approach

1. Understand your health issues and discover the cause of it

2. Discuss & provide you a personalized health solution

3. Follow-up & follow through to ensure the agreed health objectives are achieved

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Winner of the 1st Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2017

You simply deserve the BEST health solutions!
Health and wellness brand award

The Award-winning Concept

VigorAce Life Science was awarded the 1st Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2017 under the category of Biotechnology!

Awards Presentation & Gala Dinner on January 12, 2018


VigorAce Personalized Regimen Concept Appreciated by the Panel of Judges

Stringent qualification process conducted by a panel of professional judges headed by the secretary-general of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, members including individuals from the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society, Nutrition Society of Malaysia, Malaysian Chinese Medical Association, National Cancer Institute, Malaysian Wellness Society, etc.