Frequently Asked Questions

Iris-V contains clinically proven branded ingredients such as natural concentrated super fruit powder, PureWay-C lipid fatty acid vitamin C, Lalmin natural yeast zinc, Lipofer microencapsulated iron and sweetened with mogroside extract. They are clinically proven to be beneficial for immune health, have antiviral properties, can activate hematopoiesis, maintain healthy heart blood vessels, increase skin elasticity and radiance.

Yes, it is classified as food by Ministry of Health of Malaysia.

No, it only contains natural juice concentrates and branded active ingredients. No additional coloring or preservatives are added.

Iris-V does not have halal certification from Jarkim, however, the product does not contain animal ingredients, and its main ingredients have halal and kosher certification.

Clinical brand ingredients refer to the active ingredients whose absorption rate and cell utilization rate are confirmed by clinical experiments, and their health benefits and safety have reached scientific confirmation. Therefore, it can provide us with safe, effective and easy-to-absorb nutrition.

PureWay-C is the latest fourth-generation vitamin C. It has vitamin C-lipid metabolites and bioflavonoids. Not only can it strengthen the functions of vitamin C, it can also protect the activity of vitamin C.
The latest scientific research proved that the new formula of vitamin C-lipid metabolites (PureWay-C®) is superior to the previously commercially available forms of vitamin C such as the first generation ascorbic acid, the second generation calcium ascorbate that buffers gastric acid, and the third generation Calcium ascorbate/calcium threonate (Ester-C ®). This innovative form of vitamin C is absorbed faster and penetrates into the blood quickly from the gastrointestinal tract, allowing the active vitamin C to be easily distributed into the cells. It has a 233% higher body retention rate compared to other types of vitamin C and 2.5 times faster in decreasing inflammation compared to other types of vitamin C.

EFSA European Food Safety Agency certified natural yeast zinc benefits includes help protect the normal function of the immune system, protect DNA from oxidative damage, protect the prostate and increase male reproductive capabilities, help normal brain cognitive function, help with maintenance of normal skin (including acne), contribute to normal protein synthesis, maintain normal serum testosterone concentrations and contribute to normal carbohydrate metabolism.

Clinically it has been shown that Lipofer microencapsulated iron can help produce healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells, maintain the health of skin, hair and nails, help normal brain cognitive function, help protect the normal function of the immune system and help the body quickly recover from fatigue.

Moderation is key. We recommend 1-2 sachets a day. Office workers and students can take it with them. You can make a cup as a drink during breaks, lunch or afternoon tea, which can refresh and protect your eyes, giving you protection throughout the day.

Yes. Iris-V uses Monk Fruit extract as an all-natural sweetener that does not raise blood glucose levels like normal table sugar.

It does not matter. You can take Iris-V alone or with food.

Iris-V’s raw materials are mainly sourced from the United States and Spain.

There are no known side effects however, as with all supplements, please consult with your health professional or our nutrition consultant before taking Iris-V with medications.