The Beginning of a Health Conquest

In 2006, VigorAce Life Science is established with the foresight into the growing complicated needs of the health industry. The founders are burdened with the vision to build a company that is able to consistently and persistently offering a holistic health solution that based upon high quality nutraceutical-grade products with efficient delivery system namely, the bioenergy. 

VigorAce understand the limitations of the Conventional Western medicine and Eastern medicine as well as the strengths and weakness of them. We are positioning ourselves to fulfilling the missing links of the two by trying to overcome their weaknesses but optimizing their strengths. We are not in a position to replace neither of them but to complement and integrate as and where we can to help achieve what is best for the people in need. Thus, VigorAce believes in customizing health solutions to meet every individual’s needs and requirements. As such, an important strategic alliance with two well-established organizations in the USA had enabled us to combine Bioenergetic and Nutraceutical concepts into products that are scientifically designed and tested to help people live a healthier and longer life.

Our Belief

We believe everyone is special, people aren’t the same. Every single individual are complex, physically and emotionally, not to mention the mental and spiritual of a person. In order to provide the best solution to an individual, VigorAce believes in, firstly, to understand the condition of the individual, and secondly, to offer a customized regimen for the individual. Thereafter, follow-up and follow through are as important to monitor the health progress of the individual. Collecting feedbacks are part of the vital move in making necessary adjustment to the regimen so that to ensure the health objectives are met.

The pre-requisition to attain the above are; (a) a range of synergistic products that are efficacious and safe; (b) it requires qualified health advisors/nutritionists that have the adequate know-how, experience and skills to undertake the health consultation service; and (c) it requires continuous research and development efforts, as well as to undertake on-going clinical evidence and case report information gathering, analysis and review.

The Science

The human body health includes blood circulation, lymphatic circulation and also the little known “energy circulation”. Very often, when one’s energy circulation is unsmooth or obstructed, he may not be sick but feels rather uncomfortable in part of the body or the worst case throughout the entire body. 

VigorAce Bioenergetic Nutraceutical is a concept that combines the bioenergetic medicine (as explained earlier) and nutraceutical (the Canadian law refers “Nutraceutical” as "a product isolated or purified from foods that is generally sold in medicinal forms not usually associated with food [and] is demonstrated to have a physiological benefit or provide protection against chronic disease.") to give an optimum health to a user. 

In short, VigorAce Bioenergetic Nutraceutical concept is defined as “a customized health solution that uses all natural and premium-grade nutrition sources to achieve intended health benefits more efficiently, effectively and with absolute safety.” 

The TRE - Target Resonance Energy

The edge of VigorAce products over the rest in the nutrition industry is the existence of the so-called "TRE inside" in our products. The Target Resonance Energy (TRE) is important when coupled with the premium-grade nutraceuticals is able to effectively resonate specific part(s) of the body to revitalize targeted mother cells, hence to enhance tissue regeneration, repair and self-healing ability, to ultimately synchronizing body energy circulation, thereby optimizing health and regaining youthfulness! 

Unique R&D

VigorAce products are researched and developed in a state-of-the-art facilities that have more than 50 years of R&D experience.

Advance Facilities

Next to the R&D facility is the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities established since 1994. Both facilities are currently located at the state of California, USA.

Quality Assurance

Stringent QC tests applied before and after different production stages, ie. raw material sampling & receiving, in-process QC, local entry 3rd party product QC, etc.


Amber glass packaging coupled with full body shrink-wrap seal to provide the user the best of quality and freshness of VigorAce products.

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